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Meet Vanamala Mayr-Reisch a world leading face yoga expert.


Welcome to Face Yoga Australia

Face Yoga is fast gaining popularity as more woman and men are looking for a natural alternative to lift their face.

The first time I came across the Face Yoga Method I was stressed and tired from working up to ten hours in front of a computer each day. Working in the finance sector was exciting, but it also took its toll. My shoulders were tense, my neck was always out of alignment, my arm tingled and my vision declined fast. One morning I looked into the mirror and was shocked to discover how fast my face was aging.

The worst of all was that I wasn’t honest with myself. Somewhere deep inside I knew what was happening I was ignoring everything my body told me. In the desperate attempt to find a quick fix for my saggy cheeks and my thin lips, I had the brilliant idea to consult a beautician to speak with her about lip tattoos.

The moment she held the mirror in front of my face and explained that a lip tattoo wouldn’t make my lips look plumper but that I needed fillers to achieve the desired effect, it hit me hard. Instantly, I knew that was not what I wanted. I always had been a natural girl, and that was not about to change.

Curious enough, a few days earlier a friend had told me about her experience with the Face Yoga Method. It had not only lifted her double chin and re-shaped her jawline, but it had also cured her long-term neck problem. Upon hearing her success story, I knew that this could be the solution to all my “problems”.

I still vividly remember that I mentioned Face Yoga so by and by to the beautician. Looking at her spontaneous reaction, I knew I was onto something.

Within a day I signed up for my first 28-day Face Yoga Method challenge. The concept of training my face muscles to tone and tighten my face made sense to me. Why not exercise your face muscles like any other muscle in the body? Don’t forget we have over 40 muscles in our face.
Little I knew that there was so much more to Face Yoga. Without that I noticed, as if guided by an invisible hand, I slowly changed the way I spend my day.

Part of Face Yoga is to use your breath to become aware of the state of your body and mind. Using a rhythmical, relaxed deep breathing technique connects you to your inner core. It allows you to take notice of your muscles, your joints and blood circulation. You become aware of any tensions in your face, chest and neck. You find out about your unwanted habits and how they can create expression lines. You learn to isolate your facial muscles and how to prevent your habits.

Best of all, once you have learned how to do the Face Yoga poses correctly you can practice them several times for few minutes per day.
Now, I start my day with one warm-up pose followed by a few Face Yoga poses to wake up my muscles. During the day, I take short breaks from sitting in front of my computer during which I correct my body posture and exercise my face and eye muscles. At the end of my day, I stretch my face with some poses followed by gentle tapping to reset my muscles before I sleep.

Face Yoga gives me the well-deserved rest to calm down, relax and rejuvenate. It gives me these valuable moments of peace, where nothing else matters. It helps me to be at ease in stressful situations. It lifts my face and makes me confident. It teaches me to embrace myself.

Three times five minutes per day is all you need to change the quality of your life.

Try it out. Come to one of my Face Yoga classes or book a one-on-one consultation.
You deserve it.

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