How to lift the corners of my mouth naturally.

Face Yoga The Power of a Smile

Mouth & Cheeks

A smile is the key to the hearts of the people around you.
The Yummy Smile is one of the most powerful Face Yoga poses.

During the Power of a Smile workshop, we will focus on exercises that lift the corners of your mouth and make you look younger and happier. We will work on re-establishing a symmetrical mouth area and firming and lifting the cheeks.

Are you concerned about fine lines on your upper lip? Then come and join this themed focus class. We will speak about the key factors of the so-called “Smoker Lines”, and learn about simple lifestyle changes and poses to decrease and prevent these unwanted wrinkles.

If you feel embarrassed about a gummy smile and would like to make your smile natural, beautiful and confident, then this workshop is for you. As part of this course, you will learn how to isolate and use your muscles correctly. You will be able to experiment with your smile to find the perfect one for you.

Smile and invite people into your life.

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