Lift the neck and shape the jawline with Face Yoga

Face Yoga Neck & Jawline

Neck & Jawline

This is the Face Yoga workshop which will show the fastest results. Because the muscles around the neck are large, you will quickly see changes.

This sequence of classes targets double chin and saggy necks, weak neck muscles and uneven jawlines.

Considering the shoulders and back when looking at the neck and jawline is essential. We will start by correcting your body posture by opening your chest and upper back to create a solid foundation to realign your neck and entire spine. Next, we will learn Face Yoga poses to stretch and strengthen your neck muscles and tighten and shape your jawline to prevent and reduce a double chin and saggy neck.

Some poses for the neck and jawline involve tongue movement. It might take you a moment to feel at ease to use your tongue, but it has two significant benefits. It will intensify the stretch of the neck, and it creates salvia, which helps digestion.

Face Yoga poses for the jaw and neck area engage all major muscles of the upper spine, which can positively affect long-standing neck issues.

Be proud of your new look.

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