I Love What I Do

A Fresh Face

Do you feel insecure and unhappy because your face has lost its youthfulness? You might feel embarrassed and hide your forehead behind a fringe, or cover your double chin with a scarf.

So did I, until I discovered the Face Yoga Method.

Face Yoga uses muscle exercises, conscious breathing, body poses and visualization to tighten, tone and lift your face naturally. It smoothes wrinkles, lifts droopy eyes, decreases deep nasolabial folds, sharpens the jawline and reduces double chin.

A few minutes a day have turned my life around. It has made me look more youthful and radiant, boosted my confidence, calmed me down and taught me to be kinder to myself. See before/after images.

Personalized Consultation

During a one-to-one consultation, we will meet in a relaxed atmosphere, which allows you to feel safe to talk about your facial areas of concern. I will introduce you to the Face Yoga Method and develop a specific exercise program tailored to your needs.

My experience as a physiotherapist and certified Face Yoga Method teacher ensures that you get the maximum benefit out of the program. During the following weeks, I will encourage you to achieve your goal through ongoing support.

Come, relax and enjoy the process.

A Touch of Love

A sprinkle of love can work wonders.

Spending time with people who support us enables us to share the love we are rediscovering in ourselves. One of the most important ingredients in the process to rejuvenate and lift your face is to lift your spirit.

In the Face Yoga community, you will learn to treat yourself with respect and love. You will learn to put yourself on top of your to-do-list. You will learn to be kind to yourself and give yourself a few minutes per day to step out of your busy day-to-day life.

Start today!

And pass that love on to you

Live Online Face Yoga Classes

Are too busy, live too far away or don’t want to drive after dark, then this class is for you.
The Online Live Classes allow you to be part of a group without leaving the convenience of your home, hotel room or wherever you are. During that block of classes, I will introduce you to the Face Yoga Method, explain and practice with you Face Yoga poses and share some essential lifestyle tips.
The group is limited to eight participants to give each one of you the time you deserve. The course runs for four weeks, during which time we will meet once a week for 45 min — followed by 15 min Q&A. If you have to leave early, you will never miss out on your exercise program. After the class, I will send you a summary of the exercises, which you can practise at home. Book Now

Face Yoga One-On-One

Depending on where you live, we can have a one-on-one consultation in person or via Skype.

By booking a one-on-one consultation, the focus is on you and you alone. We will look at your individual case taking into account your specific goals and current condition, as well as your underlying bone and muscle structure and any illnesses which might affect your face.

To build a solid foundation for a youthful looking face, we will focus first on realigning you body posture, followed by a set of customized Face Yoga poses. Your exercise program will be tailored to you and the results you want, and split into short-term achievable goals.

As part of the session, we will go through a Face Symmetry Checklist to note your areas for improvement. By the end of the initial session, you will have learned your first set of exercises you can continue to practice at home.

The initial consultation takes 90 minutes. The follow-up sessions are 60 minutes.

It is recommended to do a set of three individual sessions to learn how to do the exercises correctly and deepen your knowledge of Face Yoga. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.      Book Session

Face Yoga Classes

Come to my four-week introduction classes to get a taste of the most potent Face Yoga Method poses. Bring a friend and you can win a one-on-one consultation.

The introduction class runs over a period of four weeks, during which time we will meet once a week for one hour. During that block of classes, I will introduce you to the Face Yoga Method, explain and practice with you Face Yoga poses and share some essential lifestyle tips. You are asked to practice the poses throughout this period to get the best benefit and a good foundation of Face Yoga. You will take a before and after picture of yourself to monitor your changes.
The classes are fun and a fantastic opportunity to meet like-minded people.
Once you have finished the four-week introduction class, you can join the weekly classes.      Book Now

Themed Focus Face Yoga Classes

After the four-week introduction classes, you can join the “Themed Classes”. We will focus on specific areas of the face to combat forehead wrinkles, droopy eyelids, double chin, saggy cheeks, facial asymmetry and more. It will allow you to focus on your specific area of concern. You will go away with a variety of tools to reshape your face.

Please see below each Themed Focus Class described in detail.

Forehead Area – Themed Class

The four-week themed focus class for the forehead area targets tension and wrinkles on the forehead, frown lines or 11- lines, asymmetric eyebrows and more.

We will look at unwanted habits and how they cause expression lines. The first step is to become aware of these unwanted habits. The second step is to learn how to stop the habits, isolate your muscle action and reduce the expression lines.

The primary muscle which covers your forehead, continues all the way to the back of your head. Therefore, it doesn’t come as a surprise that tension in this muscle can cause headaches, neck pain and more.

As part of the classes, you will also learn, amongst other poses, how to relax this muscle through massage, acupressure points and some breathing techniques. These exercises might help to prevent or reduce recurring headaches and puffiness in your face. Additionally, they might promote hair growth.

Relax, stretch and train your muscles to lift and smoothe your forehead.      Book Now

Eye Area & Vision Improvement – Live ONLINE Classes

The eye classes target wrinkles around the eyes, droopy eyelids, puffiness under eye areas, crows feet, asymmetric eyes and much more.

We will use muscle exercises and acupressure points to increase the blood circulation, remove toxins, smooth wrinkles and tone the eye area.

Small muscles inside your eyes allow you to focus. Like any other muscle in the body, they can get tired and tense. You might have noticed that when a muscle in your body tightens, it can’t work efficiently and causes pain and discomfort. That is also true for your eye muscles. If you don’t stretch and relax your eye muscles, they lose their flexibility, making it harder for your eyes to focus.

During the classes, you will learn, amongst other Face Yoga poses, a sequence of exercises, which will help you to rejuvenate tired eyes at any time during the day. Some of the eye area exercises might help you to improve your eyesight.

The class is an open level class and anyone can join at any time.

Open your eyes and see the world around you.           Book Now

Mouth & Cheek Area – Half-day Workshop

A smile is the key to the hearts of the people around you.

The Yummy Smile is one of the most powerful Face Yoga poses. During the Mouth & Cheek area workshop, we will focus on exercises which lift the corners of your mouth, firm and lift the cheeks and correct asymmetry in the mouth area.

Do you want to find out how to reduce the fine lines around your mouth? Then come and join this half-day workshop. We will speak about the key factors of the so-called “Smoker Lines”, and learn about simple lifestyle changes and poses to decrease and prevent these unwanted wrinkles.

If you feel embarrassed about a gummy smile and would like to make your smile natural, beautiful and confident, then this workshop is for you. Through the face yoga poses, you will learn how to isolate your muscles and use them correctly. Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to experiment with your smile to find the perfect smile for you.

Smile and invite people into your life.         Book Now

Jawline & Neck Area – Half Day Workshop

This is the Face Yoga workshop which will show the fastest results. Because the muscles around the neck are large, you will see changes very quickly.

This Workshop targets double chin and saggy necks, weak neck muscles and uneven jawlines.

It is important to consider the shoulders and back when looking at the neck and jawline. We will start by correcting your body posture by opening your chest and upper back to create a solid foundation to realign your neck and entire spine. This is followed by Face Yoga poses to stretch and strengthen your neck muscles and tighten and shape your jawline to prevent and reduce double chin and saggy neck.

Some poses for the neck and jawline involve tongue movement. It might take you a moment to feel at ease to use your tongue, but it has two significant benefits. It will intensify the stretch on the neck, and it creates salvia, which helps digestion.

The Face Yoga poses for the jaw and neck area engage all major muscle of the upper spine, which can have a positive effect on long-standing neck issues.

Be proud of your new look.            Book Now

Natural Skin Care Workshop 1

This four-hour workshop will be held once a month.

Limited to eight people for a personalized experience with time for questions, I will show you how to make a face wash, face cream and a face mist. The day will start with a deep relaxation to set the tone for this fun-filled and creative day of pampering. Before we make the different products from scratch, you will have the opportunity to try them out.

Many people think that applying face cream is the most natural thing in the world, and it is! However, you will be surprised to know that many people don’t apply face cream correctly. I will share some valuable tips and show you the right way.

I never looked back since I started making my skincare products myself. It is an inexpensive, natural, organic alternative to any of the expensive creams on the market.

The best of all, you are in control of what you apply to your skin.

We use only high-quality organic ingredients. Please be advised that the cost is AU$30.00 for the materials. The three products will last you several weeks if you use them daily.

This workshop is very popular, so sign up now not to be disappointed.          Book Now

Natural Skin Care Workshop 2

But wait there is more

The second workshop in the series of do-it-yourself skincare product workshops is for everyone who has tried the first three products and wanted more.

Once you have caught the fever, it will not let you go. This time we will make a face scrub, a facemask, an eye balm and a lip balm.

Since our skin is the largest organ of our body, it is essential to treat it with extra attention and care. Skincare derived directly from nature is one of the best ways to get and keep your skin healthy and vibrant. During the workshop, you will have the opportunity to try out the skincare products we made. To make this day extra special and to deepen the rejuvenation process of the day, we will add some relaxing and soothing exercises.
We use only high-quality organic ingredients. Please be advised that the cost is AU$30.00 for the materials. The products will last you several weeks if you use them daily. Please note, you will have to make the facemask each time from scratch to get the best result.

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