How can fashion impact your life?

This is an Article about "How does fashion impact your life?"

by Vanamala Mayr-Reisch Dressing well can unlock doors for you in both your personal and professional life. Fashion is a way to […]

Yummy recipe for sweet cravings

Here is a recipe for healthy treats that taste delicious.

Yummy recipe for sweet cravings by Vanamala Mayr-Reisch Why not make a healthy treat if you are craving sugar? Collagen is extremely […]

Double Chin Lift Face Yoga

Find out how you can lift a double chin 100%natural

By Vanamala Mayr-Reisch Many people are concerned about the neck and jawline. The Swan Neck is a great face yoga exercise to […]

Time for You – Affirmation

Time for you affirmation is a gentle invitation to recharge.

“Time for you” is an invitation to rest. Resting means time to sit down, time to do things you enjoy, time for […]

Believe in Yourself – Affirmation

Why is believing in yourself so important?

“Believe in Yourself”. Affirmations can change the way you experience the day-to-day life. It is a powerful way to reset your mind […]