Eye Retreat

Holistic Eye Retreat -  improve your eye sight without glasses.

Imagine a tranquil and peaceful retreat located in the Clarence River region of New South Wales, Australia. Surrounded by rolling hills, Seeland offers a unique experience for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. With its stunning views of the Clarence River and its surrounding countryside, Seeland is the perfect place to take time out to reconnect, breathe, restore and surrender.

Welcome to our Eye Fitness Retreat! We offer a variety of activities and treatments to help you relax, unwind and improve your eye health and vision.

- find why your eyesight might be diminished

- understand why your eyes take a break

- experience how to promote visual health and fitness in daily life

- give your eyes a rest with a digital detox

- understand the connection between the neck, shoulders, jaw and eyes and learn how to bring your body into balance

- eliminate stress and recharge your batteries

- discover how you can improve your eye sight naturally

You will learn exercises that release tension from the eyes, neck, shoulder and jaw, activate the neuronal connections between eyes and brain, optimize the blood supply to the eyes, eliminate toxins, move and strengthen the eye muscles, support the coordination of both eyes and help the tissue around the eyes to relax.

The nurturing environment creates a safe space to learn to connect with your eyes so that you can sense their needs.

We will look at ways how to stimulate the right and left hemisphere for vision how to bring the body back into balance and stillness, and how to deal with the daily stress.

ABOUT Vanamala Mayr-Reisch

Eye Fitness retreat facilitator and coach Vanamala Mayr-Reisch


Vanamala Mayr-Reisch is an eye fitness trainer, a physiotherapist, a certified face yoga teacher, and the founder of Face Yoga Australia.

In 2018, Vanamala founded Face Yoga Australia. Since then, it has grown to include international clientele. She regularly appears in magazines and on the radio and has spoken at the USA Face Yoga Summit 2021. The Disruptors Magazine named Vanamala one of the Top 10 Entrepreneurs Disrupting Their Industry.

Vanamala came across eye fitness and its powerful impact on improving vision in the late 80s when she worked under Georg Buchheit, a well-known eye fitness therapist in Germany.


"Our eyes are the most precious organs we have. We perceive the world around us primarily with our eyes. A smile that touches us, a sunset, a message on the mobile, a look at a book or a newspaper, it's always our eyes that give us these impressions.

No wonder that when our eyesight diminishes, we might feel vulnerability, helplessness or even threatened.

Suddenly the world around us looks blurry or dull. We are missing out on all the beautiful details which make our life vibrant and exciting.

Seeing is a complex process that essentially takes place in the brain. The eyes are the openings through which the light impulses and sensory impressions are received and passed on. If the retina is damaged or the eye muscles are tense and inflexible, the flow of information to the brain is impaired.

The aim of the treatment is to improve the cooperation between the eyes, brain and blood circulation and thus to optimize the flow of information.

Of course, our body posture influences the state of our muscles and our eyesight. In particular, the upper part of the neck and the jaw impact our vision. During the course, we will discover what that means and what you can do.

Take the opportunity to participate in a digital detox and de-stress to find stillness in yourself."

Vanamala is deeply passionate about sharing her extensive knowledge about the body, mind and spirit, acquired over 35 years of working with people.


My mission is to provide professional services in a relaxed atmosphere, which allows you to feel safe.

To show you ways to de-stress and improve your eyesight naturally.

To reach out to your heart and spirit to nurture your vision and encourage you to live your life to the fullest.


After practicing the eye exercises from the last eye workshop for the past few months, I went to my optometrist. He told me that my eyesight and the flexibility of my eyes had improved.

D Gillard


I did eye workshop with Vanamala and really enjoyed it. She is a great teacher, extremely knowledgeable and makes the class fun. I find that it effects my whole body not only my face and eyes and I leave the class totally uplifted and refreshed. I highly recommend her workshops.

Saraswati Mish

9th - 12th of May, 2024

Clarence River Seeland - 20 km from Grafton

The Clarence River is the largest river on the eastern seaboard, winding through deep ravines and broad plains, ancient forests, lush farmland, sleepy villages, and 100 chartered islands. Each year, people come from far away to dive into the abundance of nature.
The Clarence River retreat is a hidden gem away from the hustle and bustle right at the river, allowing you to find peace and relaxation.


Where is Seeland?

Clarence River Retreat is a 25-minute drive from Grafton town center. Coffs Harbor Airport is a 70-minute drive away.

Closest Airports

  • Coffs Harbour Airport – 104 km – 1hr 10 min
  • Ballina Airport  – 151 km – 1hr 45 min
  • Clarence Valley Regional Airport – 21 km

By Car

  • Byron Bay to Seeland – 179 km  – 1hr 58 min
  • Brisbane to Seeland – 331 km – 3hrs 38 min
  • Sydney to Seeland – 633 km – 6hrs 45 min

A deeply relaxing and rejuvenation vision vitality retreat in Australia

Holistic Eye Fitness Retreat Package


- 3 Days immersion in a carefully balanced eye fitness program

- 1 x Gift pack on arrival

- Daily gentle restorative stretching to start the day

- 3 nights accommodation with river or garden view

    • Deluxe Queen room with river view   SOLD OUT
    • Deluxe Queen room with garden view   SOLD OUT
    • Twin share with a shared bathroom at the Three-Bedroom-Cottage   SOLD OUT
      This villa features a patio offering garden and river views. It includes two bathrooms and a fully equipped kitchen.

- Breakfast, lunch, dinner, morning and afternoon tea

- Choice of

1 hr x Ayurvedic Hand, Foot and Head Massage from an Ayurveda therapist. This treatment relaxes the nervous system and rejuvenates and revitalizes the whole body and the eyes.


1 hr x Remedial massage > A whole body massage to unwind, relax and rejuvenate.

- Daily retreat activities

- Sound Bath Evening

- Printed booklet with exercises and practical lifestyle tips

- 10% of products and tools

- The group is limited to twelve participants to give each one the time they deserve.