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 Why the Spinal Alignment is Crucial for a Symmetrical Face

Why the spinal alignment is crucial for a symmetrical face

By Vanamala Mayr-Reisch

Why the Spinal Alignment is Curial to a Symmetrical Face

Face Yoga starts with the realignment of your spine. If your spine is out of balance, you will see it in your face. 

Improve your facial symmetry

One of the reasons why people come to Face Yoga is to improve facial symmetry. Research found that facial symmetry is universally associated with attractiveness. Without being aware of why we find a person attractive, the more the face is symmetrical, the more we are drawn to them. 


Symmetry triggers a feeling of harmony and order. It is pleasant to look at.

Face Yoga can help you to even out the size of your eyes, balance the right and left side of your face, or correct a crocked smile.


Why the spine adjusts to the environment

You probably know that your spine is a very important structure in your body. But what does it actually do?

Roles of the spine:

  • Protect the spinal cord
  • Provide the foundation for your posture
  • Enable you to move and bend

The spine gives you backbone, strength, and a feeling of self-assurance. The spine allows you to be flexible, react fast in situations of danger, and is the foundation for all your other joints and muscles to work optimally. 

Imagine you are slightly bent to the side because of an accident or by merely using one sight of your body more than the other. Your neck and head will adjust to bring the eyes back into a horizontal position to readjust your visual world. When we move our head, our eye muscles are triggered instantly, detecting the head’s position relative to gravity and head translation. Its goal is to stabilize our retinal image by keeping the eye still in space.

Connection of spinal alignment and facial symmetry

Because our neck and spinal muscles connect directly to our facial muscles, this adjustment of our neck will force the facial muscles to change the direction they pull.

If that happens over a long period, your face will start to reshape and gets out of balance.

What do you see

Take a mirror and have a look at your face. What do you see?

Does the right side look the same as the left side?

Before I started with Face Yoga, I smiled with my left side only. My left corner of the mouth would pull up, and the right side would stay down. A simple habit, which I had developed over the years, had weakened my cheek muscles on my right side.

Through Face Yoga, I trained my cheek muscles over several months until I achieved an even smile.

Face Yoga changed my confidence

It was amazing how that changed my confidence. Suddenly, I was in charge of how my smile looked. I clearly remember that when I had to take a passport photo, I managed to make it look decent, which is quite tricky, given that you are not allowed to smile. Nevertheless, becoming aware of how my smile muscle work had given me the power to change my looks ever so slightly. 

Face Yoga exercises for spinal health

There are various reasons why our spine gets out of alignment. Sitting in the same position in front of the computer for a prolonged period is one of the most common causes.

In Face Yoga you learn a variety of exercises, which will realign your spine and counteract the pull of gravity. By interrupting your repetitive work every one-and-half hour, to do one of the body alignment exercises, you prevent and reverse bad posture. It will take you 1-2 minutes, but the effect is astounding. You are looking after your spine’s health, but you also allow your brain to have a short break, increase your blood circulation in your body, and replenish your body with oxygen.

You don’t need a special room, outfit or place to do Face Yoga. Most of the exercises are done in a sitting position and are easy to integrate into your daily life. These micro-breaks throughout the day can make all the difference in the way you experience your day.

Come and join one of my online face yoga classes, or book a one-on-one consultation to get a personalized exercise program.

Booking: https://faceyogaaustralia.com/bookings/ 

Photo by João Paulo de Souza Oliveira on Unsplash

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