Why Is My Face Not Symmetrical?

Why is My Face Not Symmetrical? Face Yoga Australia

Perfect bilateral symmetry is rarely found, and asymmetries can be attributed to biological and environmental factors like sleeping patterns, genetics, chewing, posture, sun-damage. I will elaborate on these factors later. I’ve always been intrigued by how our personality and emotions influence our faces.

Our bodies are very refined organisms, and of course, our personality and emotions contribute to the way we look. The right side of the brain, which is associated with emotional and creative expressiveness, controls the face’s left side. While the left side of the brain, which is the seat of rational and logical thinking, controls the face’s right side.


Often you will find that each side looks different, which becomes even more apparent when you cover one side of your face. Try it out now! Take a mirror and look at your face. Starting with the forehead, scan your face and compare each area of your face on the left and right side.

• Are your eyes the same size?
• Is one eyebrow higher than the other?
• Is your nose straight?
• Are the corners of your mouth on the same level?
• Look at your cheeks and facial line.

Now cover one side of your face. What do you see?

A professional photographer can point out the more favourable side of your face for a portrait. Lighting, camera angles and composition make all the difference to achieve a flattering image.

You can go even further. Take a photo of your face. Separate the left from the right side, duplicate it, flip it and create an image with two left or two right sides.

There are several apps on the market, e.g., “SymFace”, which can help you create such an image. Of course, you can use Photoshop instead. You might find that the result doesn’t necessarily look more attractive. A certain degree of asymmetry is attractive because it makes a face unique.










Two right sides of the face                                           Two left sides of the face


Our faces are telling stories. They reflect what is happening for us inside. The more our emotional and rational sides are in balance, the more our face radiates harmony. Our emotions shape our face and make it interesting and intriguing.

Nevertheless, unconsciously we experience a more symmetrical face as attractive and sexy. That might go back to the assumption that healthy bodies grow with balanced proportions and are ideal mates.

Asymmetry can be subtle, or it can be pronounced and uncomfortable. It might make you self-conscious and insecure.

Here are some factors which influence the way your face looks:

Genetics – It could be that the asymmetry is a result of genetics. Some features run in the family.

Dentition – Mayor dental work like extractions, veneers, and dentures affecting the muscles lay over the bony structures.

Chewing – To chew on one side over an extended period can change the muscle structure and cause an imbalance.

Sleeping – Sleeping on one side can weaken the skin and deepen the folds making the wrinkles more prominent.

Poor Posture – Posture influences how facial muscles work, e.g., slouching or resting your face on your hand attributed to facial asymmetries.

Sun damage & smoking – affects the elastin, collagen and pigmentation, making your face asymmetrical.

Aging – Different to the bones, which stop growing at puberty, your cartilage continues to grow. This means your ears and nose grow as you age, which could cause asymmetry.

What can be done about asymmetry?

Face Yoga is a powerful tool to reshape your face naturally. In Face Yoga, we use over 60 muscles, and 70 face yoga poses. This precise work allows us to bring the face back into symmetry without invasive surgery or fillers. It empowers you to create a new you.

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You are worth it.

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