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What is Face Yoga?

What is face yoga and why it is so unique.
Time and time again, I see how much people love to get a gift voucher for Face Yoga.
Because it is…
#giftvoucher FACE YOGA (in-person and online)
* Workshops
* One-on-one consultation
* Classes
* Personal Face Yoga Coaching Programs
* Or create a voucher with any amount of your choice
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2 thoughts on “What is Face Yoga?

  1. Your article is very informative. I really liked what you said about the courses and by the way I have bookmarked it to read it again.

    1. Hi Marion, Thank you for your comment. I am happy that the article was helpful to you. I will run tomorrow the Eye & Forehead LIVE ONLINE workshop 9 – 11 AM (AEST).
      You might like to spontaneously “jump” in and experience firsthand what face yoga can do for you. The course goes over two Saturdays, each 2 hrs. Here you can find out more
      I am looking forward to meeting you.

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