What are the benefits of tapping?

What dooes tapping on your afce do

Facial tapping has recently been described as one of the newest treatments against aging skin.

Stress hormones break down collagen, which has an essential role in keeping your skin elastic and looking youthful. Tapping is a facial relaxation technique, which increases blood circulation and improves lymph flow to prevent wrinkles. It gives the skin a flushed, natural glow.

You can practice this simple technique at home.

Five minutes a day of regular tappingWhat does tapping do for your face?

  •   helps our skin absorb nutrients
  •   encourages lymph drainage to reduce puffiness and damage from free radicals
  •   eliminates toxins
  •   improves the flow of oxygen and your skin’s ability to breathe 
  •   stimulates collagen production to smooth wrinkles
  •   has a balancing effect on oil and sweat glands
  •   reduces stress


Here is a sequence you can incorporate into your morning routine or just before going to bed. Us the meaty part of your fingers to gently tap on your skin.

1. Starting between eyebrows and tap up the center of the forehead, around the hairline, and down to your temples.

2. Tap against the inner eye socket moving outwards, below the eye socket, then up to your temples.

3. Start next to the nostrils, following the cheekbones towards the temples.

4. Tap along your upper lip, outwards across the lower cheek.

5. Afterwards, begin tapping from the center of your chin, along the jawline, to the ears.

6. Start under your chin, along the throat downwards towards your chest.

Calm doen with facial tapping


Tapping makes you feel relaxed and refreshed. It can have positive benefits like fewer headaches, better sleep, and a sense of calmness.

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