Can You Reverse Aging By Drinking Water?

Can you reverse aging by drinking water?

By Vanamala Mayr-Reisch

To get the maximum benefit from the Face Yoga Method it is good to add a few liftstyle tips. If I had to choose the most important one of all of them, then it would be to drink plenty of water.

We all thrive to get a beautiful, clear skin and smooth complexion. We want to reduce our wrinkles and want to achieve this magical glow from inside out. One of the key factors in this process is hydration.

On average, the body of an adult human being contains 60% water. Most of the water in the human body is contained inside our cells. In fact, our billions of cells must have water to live.

Drinking water is essential to sustain life. Not only does it quench our thirst but it is also vital for our body to function efficiently.

Fine vertical lines above the lips are indicators that you don’t drink enough water. If you drink plenty of water, it will increase the blood circulation, remove toxins, supply more nutrients to the skin and help to smooth the skin.

Plump and Yummy

Conduct an experiment and you will see what that means. When you soak a dried piece of fruit or a nut for several hours in a bowl of water, you will find that they plump up. The size of the nut almost doubles. That is what happens to your skin when you drink plenty of water. It will look plump and yummy.

Foods and beverages both contribute to the total water intake. Nevertheless, the water that we get from food is not sufficient to maintain the water balance. A healthy adult living in a moderate climate should drink 1.5L to 2L per day. I recommend you to drink about 8 gasses of water a day.

At first, it might be strange to drink that much water. You might be concerned that you need to go to the bathroom more frequently or even get up in the night. To avoid that from happening here is the magical trick: drink warm water instead of cold or icy water. The difference is mind-blowing.

The exciting news is that warm water seems to affect the body differently. After a short time of drinking warm water, you might notice that it is much easier to drink copious amounts of water.

The “heat” from warm water is known to have a calming and soothing effect on your abdominal muscles, which can help to elevate cramps, but also promote digestion. If you want to improve your digestion, then drink a glass of warm water first thing in the morning. You can add a sprinkle of lemon juice for the taste.

Warm water is soothing for your organs and promotes well-being.

Now, after I have gotten used to drinking two to three liters of water per day, my body craves it. But the biggest surprise is, that I don’t go more frequently to the bathroom, and even if I drink a big glass of warm water right before I go to bed it doesn’t wake me up.


Keep Your Head Clear

Here is another intriguing aspect. I have noticed that if I sit in front of the computer for a prolonged period, I need to drink more water to keep my brain well hydrated.

In the past, whenever my energy level went down, I would drink a cup of coffee to get the extra kick to continue my day. I love coffee. Unfortunately, the “pick me up” effect never lasted as long as I hoped it would, and soon I would get tired again. In fact, coffee had the opposite effect on my organism. It dehydrated my body and made me sleepy.

Now, when I feel fuzzy, I drink water instead which gives me a new energy boost and helps me to concentrate. Just minutes after I drink a big glass of water the dull feeling in my head disappears. It is as if someone takes a stiff hose and washes down my brain like a car engine to remove the grease and dirt from every nook and cranny.

I still drink two cups of coffee a day, but I counterbalance the adverse effects by drinking extra water.


Detox and Decrease Stress

Water helps reduce toxins and can decrease stress levels. For several years I was suffering from cold hands and feet. Since I started to drink warm water that has changed. My peripheral circulation has improved tremendously.

There is an added benefit. If you drink warm water during the summer period or hot months, your body will cool down. As soon as the warm water hits your belly, your body tries to balance that out and starts to reduce the body temperature, whereas if you drink cold or icy water instead, the body does the opposite. It will try to do everything to get your core temperature back to normal. It warms you up.

“Hot” water shouldn’t scald your taste buds. It should be warm and comforting, but warmer than your body temperature.

If the taste of warm water doesn’t appeal to you, add a twist of citrus.

Drinking warm water before bed is a great way to wind down after a busy day, and knowing about the health benefits will have you sleeping soundly.

To learn more about lifestyle tips and how to reverse aging naturally, join my classes or workshops.

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