How to Treat the 3 Types of Dark Under Eye Circles

What can I do to remove dark under eye circle?

by Vanamala Mayr-Reisch


What causes dark cycles under the eyes?

Don’t you hate the moment when you look into the mirror only to see dark circles under your eyes? You thought you went to bed early and slept well, but these pesky circles won’t diminish.

What causes dark under eye circle, and how can you treat them?Lack of sleep can be one reason why we develop dark circles. Though sometimes, what we experience as dark circles under our eyes may merely be shadows caused by puffiness or hollowness under the eye. 

Let’s look closely at why we have dark circles under the eyes and what we can do to remove or diminish them.


There are three types of dark circles

  • BLUISH DARK circles are caused by poor blood circulation.
  • BROWNISH DARK circles are caused by hyperpigmentation
  • DARKISH BROWN/BLACK eye circles are caused by shadows cast due to saggy skin.


As we age, collagen production decreases, our skin loses elasticity, and the fatty deposits under the eyes reduce. Furthermore, the skin around the eyes gets thinner, letting the dark blood vessels beneath your skin shine through.

These are three major factors that change how the eyes look: reduced collagen, less fat, and thinner skin.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything to turn the clock back. Regular Face Yoga eye exercises train the surrounding muscles, reduce the hollowness, smooth wrinkles, and increase blood circulation to transport toxins away and nutrients to the skin. The changes are remarkable.

What type of dark circle do we have?

Before we go any further, let’s first test what type of dark circle we have brown, black, or blue.


  1. If you stretch the skin under the eyes and the darkness moves with the skin, then these are BROWN 
  2. If you stretch the skin under the eyes and it becomes lighter, these are BLACK circles. 
  3. If you stretch the skin under the eyes and it doesn’t move, these are BLUE 
  4. If your dark circles are hereditary, you would have noticed the dark circle already when you were little, and one or both of your parents have the same type of dark cycle. It can be blue, brown or black.

Let’s look at each one in more detail.


What causes BROWN CIRCLEApply camomile compress to the eyes to reduce inflammation and dark under eye circles.

  • Frequently rubbing the eyes
  • Too much sunlight through which we produce extra pigments
  • Unbalanced hormones or medication
  • Inherited
  • Or we develop the circles as a result of allergies


The treatment

      • Avoid rubbing your eye area. It not only can create brown circles but also creates saggy skin
      • Be gentle when you remove eye makeup
      • Protect the eyes from the full sun. 
      • If you have allergies get medical advice and do 100-cold water splashes to remove pollen.


What causes BLACK CIRCLESDoes collagen get rid of dark circles under eyes?

  • Diminished collagen production and loss of elasticity
  • Fatty tissue under the eye 
  • Puffy eyes 


The treatment

      • Face Yoga excises reduce fatty deposits and increase blood circulation
      • 100 – cold water splashes to increase blood and lymph flow
      • Gentle lymph massage to reduce puffiness
      • Cold compress
      • Apply eye cream and sunscreen
      • Eat healthy food
      • Elevate your head while sleeping


What causes BLUE CIRCLECan sleepless night create dark circles under the eye?

  • Poor blood circulation
  • Prolonged stress
  • Smoking
  • Sleepless nights
  • The skin gets thinner under the eyes
  • Iron deficiency
  • Too much salt and alcohol
  • Illness (eg. kidney or liver problems)
  • Long screen time which strains the yes.


The treatment

        • Change your lifestyle
        • Avoid alcohol
        • Get plenty of sleep
        • Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated to avoid the hollow under-eye look 
        • Stop smoking
        • Avoid eye strain (screen time)
        • Do face yoga exercises for the eyes to reduce tension and improve circulation
        • Apply soaked camomile tea bags over your eyes for 10–20 minutes


Always watch out not to strain your eyes. We all spend so much more time in front of screens or mobiles. Our eyes get tired fast because they focus on the same distance for hours, which makes the eyes fatigue and look dull.

Regular breaks with 1-2 eye exercises, which take about 1-2 minutes, can help to reduce stress and improve eyesight. Don’t miss the experience of a lifetime and book  The Holistic Eye-fitness Retreat now.

Face Yoga eye exercises can remove dark under eye circle.


Stay well hydrated to avoid dull, sunken eyes. Hydration makes your skin glow, your brain works better, and it is needed for all bodily functions to transport information. It keeps you looking and feeling good. Check out my article about hydration here

Dark circles under the eyes usually aren’t a medical problems.


If you do regular Face Yoga exercises for the eyes and face you will reduce or even remove dark circles entirely. Join the Eye & Forehead Face Yoga workshop and see for yourself.

















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