Taking care of employees' wellness will help secure your business' longevity and success.

Corporate Health Classes

Corporate face yoga classes for wellness or learning to communicate

Taking care of employees will help secure your business’s longevity and success.

I offer classes for corporations with various themes, from corporate health classes for their employees to teaching communication with a face mask.

Here are two examples:

Employees are the biggest asset of any business. Singapore’s OCBC Bank invited me to run a corporate class at their annual wellness week for their employees in over 27 countries. To see that the emphasis on caring for their well-being is steadily growing is fantastic.

Hermes Australia asked me to run Live Online face yoga classes for their employees to strengthen teamwork and learn about communicating with a face mask. That included exploring body language, breathing techniques, and how to train the vocal cords and improve articulation.

If you want me to speak at an event or build a wellness program for your team, please get in touch with me via my contact page.