Neck & Jawline Face Yoga Workshop

This is the Face Yoga workshop which will show the fastest results. Because the muscles around the neck are large, you will see changes very quickly.

This Workshop targets double chin and saggy necks, weak neck muscles and uneven jawlines.

It is important to consider the shoulders and back when looking at the neck and jawline. We will start by correcting your body posture by opening your chest and upper back to create a solid foundation to realign your neck and entire spine. This is followed by Face Yoga poses to stretch and strengthen your neck muscles and tighten and shape your jawline to prevent and reduce double chin and saggy neck.

Some poses for the neck and jawline involve tongue movement. It might take you a moment to feel at ease to use your tongue, but it has two significant benefits. It will intensify the stretch on the neck, and it creates saliva, which helps digestion.

The Face Yoga poses for the jaw and neck area engage all major muscle of the upper spine, which can have a positive effect on long-standing neck issues.

Every week after the session, you will receive printed notes detailing all the exercises.

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My family members have double chins, it is genetic, can I still get results on my chin by practicing Face Yoga?

Yes, of course, you can.
A double chin is one of the easiest areas to change despite genetics. How your parents look might indicate what would happen if you don’t address the issue, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t change the way you look.

You can prevent the problem before it even manifests on your face.

Double Chin Lift

Many people are concerned about the neck and jawline. The Swan Neck is a great face yoga exercise to reshape the jawline and lift the neck. Face yoga is a 100% natural way to tighten, tone and lift the face. Give it a try.


“You deliver information in a clear, friendly and accessible way, making it easier to remember the steps involved in the exercises. I have noticed a difference since practising the neck and jawline exercises. Even my husband has commented on how much “smoother” it looks.”

Janka M


“Thank you for a wonderful class today, Vanamala, and reminding me of how effective these face exercises are.... You have amazing teaching skills... so warm and professional as you guide us through the session.”

Michelle Goddard


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Face Yoga course in Mullumbimby HinterlandNeck & Jawline Face Yoga workshops IN PERSON
July 13th  2024, 10 AM - 2 PM      Sign up

The tranquil setting in the Hinterland of Mullumbimby in the Northern Rivers invites you to take time out to relax and rejuvenate. The place offers the best of what this region is known for lush green nature, cozy nooks, and a peaceful atmosphere.

You are invited to a digital detox, which will enhance your experience of reconnecting to your true self. During our lunch break, I will serve some snacks and drinks; you have time to mingle or enjoy the surroundings.

So that I can give each participant personal attention to look at how they can achieve their goals, I limit the groups 10 - 15 people.

You will receive printed notes for the course detailing all the exercises.


Join Face Yoga live online courses from home.

Neck & Jawline Face Yoga workshops LIVE ONLINE

February 10th &  17th 2024, 9 - 11 AM  2 days @2 hrs   Book Now

This interactive course is live online. You can join us wherever you are, ask questions in real time, and meet like-minded people.
I will run this course over to Saturdays, each time for two hours, allowing you to practice the first set of exercises before we meet the following week.
I will give personal attention to each of you, correct your Face Yoga poses and share tips and tricks to get the optimum results.

Even though, I recommend to join this course life, if you can't make it, don't worry. Each week, you will get access to the RECORDED course to practice at home. You get lifelong access to the recording.