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Natural Recipes

By Vanamala Mayr-Reisch

I was always a fan of natural and organic beauty products, but I must admit I still tried here and there some “wonder cream” in the futile attempt that it would make me look younger.

Soon, I realized that there was not such a thing as a “magic potion”. In search of the best moisturizer, I tried an expensive cream from one of the major brands only to discover again it didn’t do what it promised.

Disappointed by the result and with the idea in mind that the skin would take care of itself, I stopped everything. Unfortunately, the environmental impacts such as UV exposure, change in temperature and the use of chemicals everywhere around us left their mark within shortest time. My skin became dry and sensitive, and I couldn’t ignore the signs. It needed protection.

I went on a quest to find an organic product. Luckily I came across some locally made moisturizer and serums for a fraction of the cost. The best of all, the results were remarkable. I could see the difference overnight, my under eye bags went down and my skin felt more toned.


Organic, Organic, Organic

That was only the beginning. Now, I wanted to know the exact ingredients and the process of making the cream. I wanted to be in control of what I used on my skin.

Did you know that we absorb 60% of what we put on our skin? For example, if you don’t want on ingest magnesium, you can apply a magnesium gel on your skin and it will have a similar effect on your body as if you take it orally. Some of you might be familiar with hormone creams, which you apply to balance your hormones during menopause. Again you absorb it through the skin. That shows how sensitive our skin is. It is the biggest organ we have and it absorbs what you apply to it.


Do It Yourself

When I discovered the Face Yoga Method I decided it was time to make my own face creams, face mists, face scrubs and other skincare products.

It gave me the power to control what I put on to my face. Now my principal is whatever I put on my skin should be safe enough to eat.

Today, I will share the recipe of a natural facemask.


Face Masks

Facemasks can improve the condition of your skin and complexion. They can eliminate toxins, increase the blood circulation and balance the pH level. It can help to speed up the renewal cycle of skin cells and clear acne.

Each morning after I take a shower, I clean my face and apply a Yoghurt-Honey mask.

Yogurt is rich in zinc, calcium, B2, B5 and B 12 vitamin. Remember we absorb what is on our skin. Not only that, the lactic acid (alpha hydroxy acid) helps to exfoliate and smoothen the skin.

It moisturizes my skin, brightens and tightens my complexion. It is cooling down my face, which is an extra benefit especially for anyone suffering from hot flashes, or for people living in a warm tropical climate. The refreshing feeling is divine.

The recipe is simple:

  • Two tsp of plain Greek yogurt with active cultures
  • One tsp of raw honey
  • and if you wish you can add a little bit of lemon juice
  • Mix it and apply to skin

Leave it for 15 to 20 minutes and then wash it off with cold water.

I use Greek yogurt because it is firm. Sometimes you might see a bit of whey separating from the yogurt I remove it to keep the firm consistency. Always use fresh yogurt.

Make sure you use raw honey, which is alkaline whereby the processed honey is acidic. Raw honey is a great natural skin moisturizer as it keeps the skin soft and fights infections and acne.

The lemon is a natural brightener and a gentle peel for the skin. You get a soft complexion. But remember, if you use the lemon juice, your skin is more sensitive and you have to apply sunscreen every day.

If you like to learn how to make your face cream, face scrub and other skincare products, please sign up for my monthly Natural Cosmetic workshop. Follow the link to book your spot.


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