How to Cope with Daily Challenges

How to cope with daily challenges during the pandemic

Right now, daily news bombards us. New regulations, updates and challenging circumstances are overwhelming us every day. With that kind of impact, it is hard to stay level-headed. Breathing with awareness can help you to stay in the moment.

Stress, anxiety and worry creates tension in your body. You get irritable and might feel shortness of breath. If unattended, it can develop into chronic pain and discomfort.

You might experience sleepless nights, which will drain your energy. Outwardly, it seems that you can cope with your daily life, but often in your subconscious, you deal with fear and uncertainly. During the night, when you sleep, you let the guard down, and reality catches up with you. You can’t drift into a deep sleep to recuperate. Your system gets sluggish; you gain weight and even lose your sex drive.

Breathing transports oxygen into our body, which is essential for metabolism, digestion, brain, and heart function and every process in the body. Breathing gives energy, life force and releases stress. It calms you down and revitalizes.

In Face Yoga, we use breathing to slow down each movement and bring awareness to the different areas of your face and body. (see exercise at the end of the article). Conscious breathing can help to shift your focus inside. It grounds you and allows you to retreat to the safe sanctuary inside, where the worries of the day can’t reach.

Improving your breathing habits can help to:

• Reduce tension and pain in your body
• Helps you to release anxiety and worries
• Boosts your energy and increases fat burning
• Improves your sleep
• Makes your heart stronger to cope with the daily stress
• Enhances your sex life

Ideally, your breath is adjusting to the needs of your body in each moment. At rest, you breathe in and out through your nose in a slow, relaxed rhythm. You fill the lower part of your chest with air, which expands into all directions and the stomach extends slightly to the front. Your breath is effortless.
If you are stressed your breath changes, you might over-breathe or breathe irregularly, and your brain gets less oxygen. It makes it harder to think clearly and find solutions for the problems on hand.

Breathing with awareness can help you to stay in the moment.

Here is a simple breathing exercise, which you can do anywhere, any time.

Sit upright and feel your feet on the ground. Close your eyes, take a deep breath in through your nose and watch how the air travels along your windpipe to your chest and belly. Notice how the rib cage expands and your lower belly moves slightly forward. Hold your breath for three seconds, then exhale.
Repeat in a slow rhythm for five minutes or as long as you like.

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