How to grow eyelashes longer and thicker?

How to get thicker eyelashes naturally.

By Vanamala Mayr-Reisch

8 Tips to Improve Your Eyelashes

We all dream of the perfect volume eyelashes. Especially as we age, we adjust our makeup to a lighter, more flattering version to look younger. A makeup artist once told me that less is more and that lighter makeup combined with a great mascara technique lets the face shine and look more attractive.

If I am in a hurry and want to look good, I apply only a small amount of eye shadow and mascara or only mascara. The difference it makes is striking.  

The reality is that we often spend an enormous amount of money on the perfect look. There are constantly new products promising the best eyelashes.

Little do we know that eyelash problems are more often skin problems than hair problems. A healthy lash follicle is super important. Ignoring the health of the lash follicle from which the eyelash grows can lead to losing eyelashes.

The beauty industry doesn’t treat the lash line like the delicate “skin” it is. With the wrong products or if we don’t remove the cosmetic product carefully every night, the sensitive eyelash follicles can become clogged and unhealthy and even decay.

We demand eye makeup that lasts. Unfortunately, these beauty products tend to be drying. Similar to congested skin pores, clogged hair follicles can get infected.

Here is another aspect of skin and hair health. I spoke with a male friend some time ago who told me he had stopped eating sugar. The first thing he noticed after four weeks was that his eyebrows changed back from grey to dark, and his eyelashes were growing back as well.

I was stunned.

It was so impressive that I stopped eating sugar as well. That had such an incredible impact on my body’s health that I will write about that in a later article.

Cold water splashes are increasing the bloodflow in the face and eyes.

When you increase the blood flow to your eyes and eye area, you eliminate the toxins and transport nutrients to the eye and eyelashes. Face Yoga is an excellent modality to achieve that.

Face Yoga exercises for the eye can remove shadows under the eye, remove wrinkles around the eyes, train the eye muscles to lift droopy eyes, bring the eyes back into symmetry and improve eyesight.



Tips for Healthy Eyelashes

  • Stop eating sugar
  • Clean your eyes carefully each night
  • Hydrate the thin skin of the eye gently
  • Drink enough fluids
  • Exercise your eyes to increase blood circulation so nutrients are transported to the eye.
  • Do 100-cold splashes, which reduce allergic reactions through pollen, and increase blood circulation in and around the eyes.
  • Avoid artificial eyelashes to prevent glue skin around the eye
  • Avoid lasting mascara. It dries out the skin around the eyes, creating a hostile environment for follicles.

Remember that your eyelashes need here and there a break from your makeup so that the skin can breathe and recuperate. The lash line is delicate skin. Apply vitamin E oil with a small brush or a disposable mascara wand to nurture the lashes. You can use the oil from a vitamin E capsule.

Enjoy your new eyelash regime.

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