The BIG Launch of Face Yoga Australia

Face Yoga Australia launch

Today is the day!

I am proud to announce that today is the official launch of Face Yoga Australia.

Establishing your own business and taking the reins, while daunting, can be one of the most exciting steps forward.

Essentially, preparation is key for all new ventures. Beginning to plan for the launch of your business months in advance of your potential release date places you in the best possible chance of success, or, at the very least, gives you enough time to prepare adequately to give yourself a good enough foothold.

Here is the truth. I have an analytical mind and a strong sense of order and planning. There is an inner urge which drives me to organize and to know every detail.

Nevertheless, during my entire life, my heart has ruled every profound life-changing decision I made. It comes from a deep trust within to know that this is the right thing to do at this very moment.

Today is the right day for this new beginning. May it bring peace, love, prosperity and health to everyone who will be involved.

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