10:00 am - 2:00 pm
Eye & Forehead Face Yoga Half-day Workshop
Mullumbimby Hinterland, Myocum NSW
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Weekly Relax & Rejuvenate Face Yoga  class > Monday 5:30 pm, ONLINE Class/ 1 hr - $23

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Vision Vitality Holistic Eye Fitness Retreat
Nov 2nd - 5th - IN-PERSON

A tranquil and peaceful retreat located in the Clarence River to learn how to improve eyesight naturally and promote visual health and fitness in daily life.

Release tension from the eyes, neck, shoulder and jaw. Activate the neuronal connections between eyes and brain. Optimize the blood supply to the eyes, eliminate toxins, move and strengthen the eye muscles. Digital detox....Find out more

5wks  Face Yoga  Challenge - starts 3rd of May 12:30 PM (AEST)

The introduction course goes over 5wks. We will cover the entire face. Conveniently timed for a lunch break, interrupt whatever you do and move your body and face. A short, invigorating Face Yoga ONLINE class to release tension, lift your face and clear your mind.
Log on and join from wherever you are. No tools, special outfit or fitness studio needed.

ONLINE Class/ 40 mins  $110 Join Now

Buccal Fat Removal Class,  18th of May
The latest craze is to surgically remove the buccal fat from your cheeks to achieve a chiseled face.
If you want to get a chiseled face but don’t like the idea of surgery and losing the incredibly important cushioning, then this is for you. This cushioning is super important as you age and the surgery is not reversible.
Yes, you can do it 100% naturally.
I will run a special “Buccal Fat Removal Face Yoga class” on the 18th of May at 7 PM (AEST). $35 Book NOW

Live Workshops 2023


May 11th & 20th , 9-11 AM
Mouth & Cheeks - LIVE ONLINE


June 24th , 10-2 PM
Neck & Jawline Lift -  IN-PERSON


July 22nd & 29th, 9 -11 AM
 Eye & Forehead - LIVE ONLINE


October 7th, 10-2 PM  - IN-PERSON
Balance Your Jaw Balance Your Body (TMJ)

November 2nd - 5th - IN-PERSON
Vision Vitality Holistic Eye Fitness Retreat

November 18th & 25th, , 9 -11 AM
Power of a Smile - LIVE ONLINE

December 9th,  10-2 PM (AEDT)
Eye & Forehead -  IN-PERSON


 Coming up in 2024
      Neck & Jawline Lift -  LIVE ONLINE

Coming up in 2024
   The Power of A smile - IN-PERSON

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