Face Yoga Courses & Workshops

Face Yoga workshops target a specific area allowing you to achieve your goal faster.

In-person workshops and Live Online courses are the crown jewels of Face Yoga Australia.

The Face Yoga workshops are designed to work on specific parts of the face. Focusing exclusively on one area expedites the process so that you can reach your goal faster.

Get your poses corrected and your questions answered in real-time.
During these courses, I will take you to the next level of Face Yoga, explain how the poses work, and give personal attention and tips to ensure you master the exercises.

An integral part of the program is unwinding and re-energizing your mind, body, and spirit. With that in mind, I carefully balance activity, mindfulness, and relaxation.

Take time out to nurture yourself and boost your confidence.


What is included:

  • 1 x 4 hrs workshop in-person or 2 x 2hrs live online course
  • Detailed written notes
  • Personal guidance
  • Lifestyle tips
  • Light snacks and drinks for the in-person workshops
  • 1 wk long 10 % off skin care products and tools

There is no better value and no more comprehensive program.

Coming Soon

Eye Area & Vision Improvement Workshop

The eye workshop targets wrinkles and puffiness around the eyes, crows feet, droopy eyelids, asymmetry and tired eyes.
We will use muscle exercises and acupressure points to increase blood circulation, remove toxins, smooth wrinkles and tone the eye area.

Small muscles inside the eyes make it possible to focus. Like any other muscle in the body, they can get tired and tense. You might have noticed that when a muscle in your body tightens, it can’t work efficiently and causes pain and discomfort. That is also true for the eye muscles. If these muscles are not stretched and relaxed, they lose their flexibility, making it harder for the eyes to focus.

During the course, I will show, amongst other Face Yoga poses, exercises to activate right/ left coordination for vision, improve mobility and strengthen the eye muscles to rejuvenate tired eyes and improve eyesight.

Open your eyes and see the world around you.  COMING SOON