Why the Spinal Alignment is Crucial for a Symmetrical Face

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Why the spinal alignment is crucial for a symmetrical face

By Vanamala Mayr-Reisch Why the Spinal Alignment is Curial to a Symmetrical Face Face Yoga starts with the realignment of your spine. If your spine is out of balance, you will see it in your face.  Improve your facial symmetry One of the reasons why people come to Face Yoga is to improve facial symmetry. […]

Lift Your Cheeks

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Lift your cheeks with Face Yoga Australia

By Vanamala Mayr-Reisch One of the most important exercises in Face Yoga is to lift your cheeks. When you lift your cheeks, you lift your entire face. Here is a mini-sequence for your cheeks, which you can do throughout the day. Please let me know how you go and if you have any questions.  

How to Reduce Puffiness Around the Eye

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How to reduce puffiness around the eye

By Vanamala Mayr-Reisch Puffiness around the eyes can have several reasons. Swelling around the eyes is caused when fluid builds up in the thin layers of tissue surrounding your eyes. Whether you had a late night at work or had a few too many glasses of wine the night before, eye puffiness isn’t the best […]

Make Your Skin Glow with 100 Times Splash Face Wash

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100 water face splashes

By Vanamala Mayr-Reisch   It not only increases the blood circulation in your face and improves your complexion. The 100 Times Splash Face Wash is an invigorating way to start your day. A simple home remedy to reduce the size of your pores and smoothen your skin. Feel good and look younger.     Feel […]

7 Tips to Make Your Skin Glow 

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7 Tips to make your skin glow

By Vanamala Mayr-Reisch – Healthy, beautiful skin is only steps away—find out how to make your skin glow naturally with these expert tips. Factors that accelerate the aging process Aging is a natural process that we cannot control, but we can influence other factors that accelerate this process. By reducing stress, cigarette smoking and excessive […]

How to Cope with Daily Challenges

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How to cope with daily challenges during the pandemic

Right now, daily news bombards us. New regulations, updates and challenging circumstances are overwhelming us every day. With that kind of impact, it is hard to stay level-headed. Breathing with awareness can help you to stay in the moment. Stress, anxiety and worry creates tension in your body. You get irritable and might feel shortness […]

LOVE or FEAR during Crisis

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Love or fear during crisis

This morning when I woke up, it felt as if I was in a futuristic movie. It is all a bit unreal. As we move through each day, we can choose to act out of LOVE or out of FEAR. The difference in how you experience your day is tremendous. Breathing deeply into your heart […]

The Gift of Extra Time

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Coping with Covid 19 lockdown, the gift of extra time

It as if we were given extra time. How often did I say, if only I would have more time? There are so many things I like to do, but there are never enough hours in a day. Now, it seems that there is more time. I don’t need to go anywhere. I can do […]

International Women’s Day – Women in Business

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    I am thrilled to share that this article appeared for  the International Women’s under Women in Business in the The Byron Shire Echo Issue 34.39 – March 4, 2020: https://issuu.com/echopublications/docs/byronecho3439/18    Vanamala Mayr-Reisch is a face yoga teacher, physiotherapist and Founder of Face Yoga Australia. She came to Mullumbimby 23 years ago. Her love […]