Balance Your Jaw, Balance Your Body – TMJ Workshop

Balance your jaw – balance your body, in this half-day workshop you will learn how to reduce tension around your jaw (TMJ).

It is important to consider your body posture when resetting your jaw. We will start by correcting the position of your feet, hip, spine and shoulder to re-align your body and build a solid foundation. This is followed by a combination of a gentle yet profound energy balancing technique and physical poses focused on the jaw, temples, face and neck.

After the stress reduction, the TMJ can find its way back to its structural-energetic balance and its normal function.

Balancing the jaw muscles has a far-reaching impact on such symptoms as a migraine, earache, sinus infections, teeth clenching and grinding, Tinnitus, insomnia, neck tension and pain, facial asymmetry and discomfort after major dental work.


Can jaw pain be caused by stress?

You will often experience pain in the body if exposed to ongoing stress. For many people, that manifest in the jaw. Tension in the lower facial muscles and teeth grinding are the leading cause of jaw pain.




Time For You

"Time for you" is an invitation to rest. Resting means time to sit down, time to do things you enjoy, time for personal projects, time for holidays, and time to be alone. This affirmation video allows you to tune in.


I so appreciate your teaching instruction and making sure we all had a good time as well. Looking forward to the next workshop … But the biggest joy for me is that I have great jaw function now and no pain.


Maggie Golightly


I just wanted to say that last week’s session was fantastic. I’ve really felt the difference with my jaw already. Actually from the first night of doing the exercises, a pain I’ve had behind my ear disappeared and my smile has evened out. All obviously caused by the jaw!

Sharon S – Australia



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A balanced program between activity, mindfulness and relaxation help to tension from the jaw.Balance Your Jaw Balance Your Body workshops IN PERSON

Sat, October 7th , 10 AM - 2 PM     Sign up

More than in any other workshop, it is essential to find peace and quietness.
Resetting the jaw means learning to manage stress. The Mullumbimby Hinterland's rolling hills are ideal for respite from the fast-paced day-to-day life.

A cozy mud brick studio just five minutes outside Mullumbimby will be our place to relax and rejuvenate.

So that I can give each participant personal attention to look at how they can achieve their goals, I limit the groups 10 - 15 people.

During our lunch break, I will serve some snacks and drinks

You will receive printed notes for the course detailing all the exercises.