What is a Ayurvedic Hand, Foot and Head Massage?

What is head massage according to Ayurveda?

Ayurvedic Hand, Foot and Head Massage

Ayurvedic Hand, Foot and Head Massage (Hastabhyanga, Padabhyanga and Shirobhyanga) involves massaging the head, neck and shoulders as well as the feet and hands with warm herbalised oil to calm and balance your mind and nervous system.

The feet, the hands and the head contain a reflection of the whole body and also many vital energy centers that energies the organs, create emotional equilibrium and restore peace of mind.

It is the perfect treatment to support eye health as there are many energy centers on the hands, feet and head that invigorate and relax the eyes. At your request, the therapist will focus on these.


Calming, vitalizing, blissful….


Its benefits include:

      • Rejuvenating and revitalizing of the whole body
      • Relieving insomnia, anxiety, and nervousness
      • Relieving fatigue, depression, confusion and lack of concentration
      • Cleansing and balancing organs
      • Improving eyesight
      • Enhancing the immune system
      • Promoting relaxation and mental acuity
      • Balancing bodily systems (circulatory, reproductive, metabolic)
      • Strengthening hair roots, curing dryness and preventing hair loss or premature greying
      • Improving circulation to the head
      • Increasing oxygen levels in the brain and improving spinal fluid circulation around the brain and spinal cord
      • Relieving dryness and numbness of the feet and strengthening walking
      • Relieving tension through the neck and shoulders

Please note if you don't want to get oil into your hair, choose the Redial Massage instead.

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