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Allow Yourself to Be Seen

Allow yourself to be seen and show your vulnerability

By Vanamala Mayr-Reisch

How many times do we allow ourselves to be seen the way we are, with all our weaknesses or good and bad qualities? Just our “naked” self. Formed and shaped by society’s expectations, conditioning and restrictions we fit into. We put up a picture of how the people want to see us or how we want people to see us.

I just listened to an inspiring speech by Brené Brown about vulnerability. It reminded me of an incident I experienced at the end of my twenties. The more vulnerable we are, the more afraid we are.

Through a back injury, I had to learn to be vulnerable and to ask for help even if it meant in my mind “to die”. Yes, I was surprised that in the deepest unconsciousness of my mind was the “fear of dying” connected with “being vulnerable”. I was afraid that when I would be vulnerable and had to ask for help that anyone could hurt me and crush me. The fear was so strong that I risked losing my mind rather than asking for help.

Life hit me so hard that finally I could drop my barriers and allow myself to be vulnerable. And out of this vulnerability grew a new strength. It allowed me to be utterly open and at the same time strong. Possibly even stronger than if I had kept up my protective walls spending endless energy just holding these walls up. It showed me that not hiding behind an artificial wall which presented the way I wanted people to see me, that that made me strong. I was “naked”, and no one could break any walls or protective shields down because there were none.

Your Face is the gate to you. Your Face is the first thing people see. It is the first impression they get, and from there a whole lot of unconscious reactions happen. As soon as someone looks at you, they react unconsciously to what they see. They dip into their deep-seated pool of conditioning, judgments and beliefs. However subtle it might be we all judge people and put them into boxes.

So, I am daring you to be yourself. I am asking you to drop your old face and explore how it is to open up and walk a new path. A path where you will discover new sides of yourself. A path which you walk with a sense of curiosity like a child, who has seen a shiny florescent beetle the first time.

This new beginning can start at any time. It is not dependent on age, race, gender or upbringing. It is the essence of you, and maybe you have never seen this side of yourself before. I promise you it is exciting, it is new, and it has endless possibilities. It is nothing anyone will give to you. It is something you discover yourself. As if the petals of a rare flower are opening, you, as unique as you are, will reveal your full bloom.

“You’re imperfect, and you’re wired for struggle, but you are worthy of love and belonging.” TED Brené Brown

Be real. Be yourself. The most beautiful face is the one you see alive filled with self-love and joy and satisfaction. And with this self-love something else is happening. You can see it on the surface. There is this incredible beauty that shines through.

Dare to be yourself, take your power back into your hands and start to explore with a sense of curiosity who you really are.

Let yourself be seen.

You are worth it.

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